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Friday, 15 November 2013

My top 5 action/romance anime + some review (MY OPINIONS)

Number 1

Sword Art Online
Oh man i just love this show, it packed wit action, romance, and slice of life. Its also suits my heart well as I realy love gaming. I would really suggest people that wanted to get some nerve action and romance anime to watch this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Number 2


 This anime was super awesome..the character creation were too good.. the heroine was damn cute, i would find someone if there is a girl just like that in the world but the girl was cute yet she is super strong.. this anime had all the things, romance, action , comedy and touching. it was very hard for me to put this on number 2 bcoz it really is good. i put it here bcoz there is only 12 episode of this...aghhh man... i want more.!! dont believe it. Try watch it

Number 3
Zero No Tsukaima-(the familiar of zero)

This anime was full of humorous, it is really funny, you can cry as much as hell...the girl in the picture was a tsundere, this anime was so good..it full of comedy, romance, action as well as magic. It has 4 season, meaning it really famous and people want it mare. Don't ever miss this anime okay.! 

Number 3
Accel world

 Warning!!! Dont judge a book by its cover...this anime had this fatty hero, but look at him..aahh..so cute..oh well..it a boy not a girl. so im not interested in HIM. BUT the ANIME was in the other side. It plot has everything. Its comedy, action and romance. The heroine was also super cute.. OMG am i becoming a 2d person...hee..Surely i recommend this..watch it.

Number 5
Shakugan No Shana

Okay for your information this anime was my first anime I watch when I was 15...It manage to pick my heart to loving all sort of anime..The character was really nice but the bad guy in here sure have some errr...emmm..undescribeable face...accept the guy in white above..this anime has a sword play in it. it slice of life. and it happening in school life..this anime was really good. Try and watch it.

Okay guys. Thats is my top 5 action/romance anime and some of my review...just take note this is mine opinion..maybe yours are different. I am really sorry if your fav anime is not in there but this is mine. try to watch all of it.. because you will like it. Hope this help.. Thanks for reading and visiting.

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