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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Famous dipping sauce in malaysian cuisine


Here people often takes this dipping sauce with their daily diet...in malaysian BUDU was really famous in Kelantan and Terengganu. But many kelantanese were really like this. Made of fish...and taste salty. But yet it delicious. If any of you guys came to Malaysia, dont forget about budu


Made from Durian that had been smashed till it become sauce like. This dipping sauce had been used in many cuisine which enriched the taste of some cuisine and giving the cuisine an addicting taste. Majority if people do take this dipping sauce as a sauce. People mix it with their rice and kaboooommm!!! their rice is golden in colour..That is TEMPOYAK.. want some ? came here and have some. In Malaysia


famous at the west of Malaysia. In Penang n Kedah. People like to have this unique dipping sauce as flavour enrichment in their meal.. Made of small shrimp which is making it like sauce. Though the shrimp is still visible but the taste is want it makes this sauce famous. It is CENCALUK

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